Digital management consulting

With the massive transformation of digital technologies in recent years, a big and interesting market has been created for companies. Being user-centric plays a key role in this emerging economy. Therefore, the organizational structure of the active companies in this ecosystem must be defined and implemented quite differently from the past.

With the extensive knowledge that we possess of new communication environments like smart phones, social media, virtual clouds, and the internet we are a capable consultant in the area of digital business and we will guide business managers towards a bright and stable future using our creative and unique strategies which are devised based on the frameworks and capacities of this field.

Smart phones, social media, and other similar technologies have drastically changed the relations between business and customers. In this digital economy consumers have become extremely powerful and companies have tried to create competitive advantage using new strategies.

To grow in such an environment companies need to not only again experience with these new-coming technologies but they also have to develop their organizational reactions in high levels of commitment in this regard.

The winners in the digital economy will be those who can work in an environment which possess new information and are able to find new approaches in this environment.

Four special technological evolutions that change the structure of digital ecosystems:

Phones: the widespread influence and the transformation of the many capabilities of smart phones.

Social networks: The universality of social media and content creation by users

Cloud: Based on demand, real time access to super computers and unlimited storage.

Internet: The convergence of reality and the virtual world.

It is evident that the mentioned technologies have greatly altered the relations between business and customers. Consumers have gained more advantages through gathering and analyzing information and companies are able to have a great influence on new sources of consumer data.

In order to become a winner in the digital economy companies must realize that now is the time for action and at the same time the risks are high. Managers must be willing to discover new strategies and learn based on experiences and at the same time they should be focused on the following critical matters as well.

Do we possess a dynamic digital strategy that creates value and considers new businesses?

Are we deeply involved in the ways our customers use digital tools?

Do we have a strategic partner in the field of digital technology to meet the demands of the market?

Do our marketing strategies possess the advantages of new technologies to increase and improve our traditional potentials?

Do we fully utilize smart phones and the internet for our strategies to enter the market?

Are we sufficiently equipped to implement our digital strategies?

Is our IT sufficiently compatible with new business models and their changes?

The services provided by the engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs in the field of digital business and economy play a crucial role in the success of business in new environments.

Preparing digital business strategies: through utilizing their capability and expertise regarding the preparation of creative commercial strategies, the consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans can help employers create a long term outlook for the digital transformation of their business.

Digital marketing: Marketing is an inseparable element of digital economy. The experts who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans offer their consulting services to business owners in the fields of preparing marketing strategies, determining performance criteria and measures, organizational structure, and pricing.

Implementation: The services offered by the experts who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans go beyond preparing and developing plans and strategies and aids business owners in educational programs and helps them implement digital organizational structure, complete change management programs, and prepare human resources.