Sanjesh Emkan Tarh (SAT)

Activists in the field of consulting engineering services in the country

SAT Company has placed its focus on providing effective services to its clientele through utilizing the latest technology with the assistance of capable specialists and tries to guide its clientele to reach their organizational goals and make progress by providing them with effective services.

Finding an effective methodology for the optimal allocation of organizational resources, effective management of economic systems, performing effective studies and analysis in the fields of finance and economy, and achieving proper solutions for choosing the right organizational strategies are among the most important accomplishments that SAT clientele are able to attain by using the company’s services. Here at SAT our experts and specialists try to help form a realistic outlook towards the available facilities by providing the necessary backgrounds and prerequisites when starting an activity and aims to assist its clientele to find the best way to use these facilities.

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Side activities

In order to spread a specialized approach to consulting engineering activities in the country, SAT Company has played an effective role in establishing the foundations of this field of activities by taking responsibility for holding several specialized seminars and various training courses. Among these seminars and training courses, we can mention the holding of training workshops on “methods of conducting feasibility studies” for the staff of the Management and Planning Organization, Imam Khomeini Airport, and the holding of free seminars for those involved in economic studies.

SAT Company actively participates in domestic and foreign specialized seminars in order to update the specialized knowledge of its employees, and in many of these seminars, it presents articles and expresses its experiences.

Sat Company has a close cooperation with the consulting engineers community of the country and by being a member of the committee for determining the competence of the consulting engineers community to determine the rank of companies active in this field of services, has enhanced its role and presence in this cooperation.

In addition to exchanging knowledge, ideas and expertise with partner companies, SAT Company provides friendly and scientific advice to them and cooperates in compiling their instructions and bylaws, while establishing a constructive and synergistic relationship with its partner companies. Take social activities.

Carrying out cultural activities in order to introduce knowledge and technology to the society as much as possible is one of the responsibilities that SAT has undertaken in strengthening its social activities. One of them is the translation and publication of the book “Management Guide for Engineering Services Companies”, which has been a move in this direction.

Cooperation with charities is part of the public culture and governs the atmosphere of SAT. Following this culture, members of the SAT family work directly with charities by taking responsibility for internal spontaneous movements. In addition, SAT also provides a part of its services to them free of charge in accordance with the needs of these institutions.

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