Project Description

We are familiar with the language of the marketplace and the industry and we know that which channels generate the highest amount of profit. Our specialty is the optimal allocation of resources and performing and monitoring various investment processes. Our services include a wide variety of different aspects from developing business plans, cash flow management, and financing to services such as feasibility studies, marketing research, and pricing. By having access to a vast collection of databases and being able to design and implement comprehensive models for each project, we are able to provide the most eloquent analysis and the most constructive strategies for our clientele.

Our ethical/professional commitment is to provide a bright and creative outlook towards landmark economic decisions.

The essence of the services provided by SAT for economic studies and evaluations can be summarized as: value creation.

Our services in the field of investment consulting are mainly presented in the following topics:

Feasibility studies

Market studies

Providing and editing business plans

Determining rate structures and pricing

Highlighting investment opportunities

Feasibility studies

If you have an idea for investment or you want to start up a business and want to make sure of the feasibility of its executive aspects, then regardless of your business model and whether you want to make a product or offer a services, you will definitely need to consider feasibility studies. These studies will help you and your organization to reach a level of certainty that your idea is worth pursuing by providing you with a rational system and a different outlook.

Market place studies

Without doing proper research into the market and performing competitive analysis we are unable to determine that whether entering a new market or expanding the current one will be successful or not. The consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs are able to analyze the market by relying on experience and expertise. These consulting engineers are able to provide their most appropriate suggestions regarding the market for products and services by using raw and analyzed data.

Business planning

The companies and organizations that do not possess a business program are unaware of their own cash flow strategies and are looking for loans or investment. Furthermore, they might also be looking to enter new business environments. Without a doubt such organizations need to have a business program to develop and set up their economic activities.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a large domestic or international organization that tries to devise a plan to develop its activities or a small company looking to enter new markets, in any case you need marketplace studies.

Determining rate structures and pricing

Nowadays in the turbulent and complex world of business, the topic of price management for products and services has become a crucial matter for businesses. This is because the many changes that occur in customer demands and behaviors on one hand and on the other the increasing competition in pricing has caused business owners to face important challenges.

The experts and the consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs will help business owners to not only shape customer behavior and increase profits, but to also promote their name and branding using powerful tools dedicated to pricing.

Highlighting and analyzing investment opportunities

Nowadays one of the challenges that employers face is converting their stagnant and low return assets into current and high-yield ones. However, most of these employers are unaware of the process of this conversion.

If you are among these business owners, then our experts in the field of feasibility studies can offer new and creative solutions based on their capability, expertise, and experience for the problems you face regarding capital efficiency and stagnant assets.

Therefore, by providing services in the form of identifying and analyzing investment opportunities, the consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of business plans give you this opportunity to find the best ways to increase the productivity of your assets and properties like land, real estate, factory, and etc.

Organizational Management Consulting

What path has your organization taken so far and what lies ahead for it? What is exactly meant by optimal organizational structure and how can it be improved? How are management strategies designed and implemented in organizations?

Our systematic outlook and extensive background paves the way of value creations for managers. From structural pathology and diagnosis to designing organizational structure based on competitive advantage, SAT’s presence entails change and inspiration.

From other aspects, the fluctuating nature of the market requires companies to seriously consider “organizational development” strategies to ensure their growth and survival and through mechanisms like integration and synergy, unity and partnership to define and stabilize their new organizational boundaries.

Writing complex and detailed contracts, editing regulations, and comprehensive reviews of legal process are among our other services that we provide for economic and industrial managers.

SAT accompanies you on every step of the way towards growth, perpetuity, and greatness.

Our services in the field of organizational consulting as mainly as following:

Organizational development management

Designing a strategic management system

Enterprise architecture

Marketing research

Special evaluation due diligence

Organizational development management

Successful companies are constantly checking their strategies and portfolios in order to reach a better understanding of benefits and identifying optimal practices for their future growth. If integration and synergy strategies are implemented correctly they can be a factor in creating competitive advantage and they can be considered as a part of the long term value creation program of companies.

Integration and synergy

Studies show that many cases of integration and synergy did not have the desired outcome and failed to create value for stockholders and their beneficiaries. On the other hand it is evident that in the current state of the market and the turbulent economic environment, adopting integration and synergy policies correctly can be a factor in creating competitive advantage for companies.


Whether during economic growth or recession, most companies have a systematic outlook towards their portfolio and regarding this matter one of the topics that is constantly taken into consideration by companies is the topic of transferring a part of their portfolio.

Unity and partnership

Nowadays the topic of unity and partnership is an essential and complicated section of company strategies. These two topics can be used in uncertain economic situations to reach growth opportunities.

Designing a strategic management system

Basically the success of an organization depends on its awareness towards the business environment in which it is active. Understanding the current and future situations as well as obtaining and maintaining advantages and refraining from defects and their threats will be critical in this success.

Analyzing effective procedures in domestic and foreign environments

We pay special attention to the powerful economic parameters that effect the business environment in the next five to ten years. In addition to the social and economic reports published by the official institutions of the country, our economic analysists help business owners prepare or change their strategies by becoming aware of environmental conditions.

Identifying growth and development opportunities

Our tools and experience in this field helps business owners identify and analyze their current performance while comparing themselves with the best domestic and foreign organizations in order to adapt their business model.

Preparing business strategies

We offer our help to business owners to design, test, polish, and implement their strategies. Our creative models for business owners which include holding workshops, consistent consultation, and organizing steering and expertise committees enable us to guide business owners based on their needs.

Beneficiary analysis

In business environments where supervision and regulations are getting more complicated every day, we aim to help business owners to receive the messages, feedbacks, and expectations of a wide variety of their beneficiaries such as legislative institutions, clientele, stockholders, and the society in a clear and coherent way so that these business owners are able to find valuable and alternate solutions.

Enterprise Architecture

The organizational structure of a company is the indicator which demonstrates the capabilities of that organization in implementing strategies and their quick response to environmental changes. We believe that the nature of an organization is the basis of its competitive advantage. Therefore, we emphasize on organizational efficiency and employee commitment simultaneously. In this regard we help business owners to actively seek to solve organizational complexities and omit bureaucracies and parallel activities. Our experience in this regard has created tools that can be used to successfully evaluate and analyze companies in a creative way in order to reach higher levels of efficiency.

Organizational design

In organizational planning, we seek to design a powerful organizational structure by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the existing one. Our pathological and diagnosis tools enable us to identify the domains in the current organizational structures that face challenges.

Creating links between organizational structures, strategies, and realizing values

These consulting engineers pay special attention to the strategic priorities and key functions of each department of the business in the design process and organizational architecture. After finalizing organizational design steps, our implementation methods enable business owners to quickly recognize the economic values of the new organizational design.

Focusing on the organization’s upper planning in value creation

Many executives have concerns regarding the redundant sections of their organizational hierarchy specifically in higher levels of organization. Our approach defines clear and explicit authorities and responsibilities for the mentioned sections in this regard. For instance, collaborating in the coordination of key organizational performances or advancing specific strategic actions.


Through the precise design of performance management processes, it is made certain that all organizational departments have clear standards in measuring performance. Our dedicated tools and frameworks for decision making will offer a great deal of assistance for determining processes and accountability in organizations.

Enabling extensive organizational participation

Reaching a widespread cooperation throughout the organization regarding facing customers, developing products, creativity, and etc. can create great values. By using analytic tools, we are able to go beyond organizational structure and highlight the impact of informal communications.

Marketing studies

The topic of the market is the basis and foundation of every business. In every market there are demands and needs that are met and recognized through a process called marketing. If businesses are to continue to work in the ever changing environment in a dynamic and permanent way, then it is necessary that business owners manage their organization in a proper way and expand the range of their activities in domestic and foreign markets through appropriate marketing studies and planning. The services provided by the consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs regarding the topic of marketing studies are as following:

Environmental analysis

Preparing marketing strategies

Classifying and analyzing markets

Disambiguating due diligence commercial procedures

In many trade agreements and partnership and investment contracts in a project, focusing only on financial, technical, and economical aspects of contracts will not eliminate the challenges, concerns, and the ambiguities that the parties may have.

The consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs are able to offer various disambiguation services based on their capability and expertise in the fields of private and merger contracts, privatization, purchase and sales, partnership, and investment to business owners.

Assessing the level of compatibility

Macro environmental assessment

Assessing the legal environment

Market assessment

Product assessment

Management and organizational assessment

Assessing data systems

Community-based economic research

In recent decades, “development” has been an inevitable characteristic of Iran and similar countries. The process of development on one hand results in industrialization, globalization, and merging with global markets and on the other hand due to the fast pace of the process, it will cause insufficiencies and social gaps. Therefore, social agents need to be considered alongside economic factors by relying on sustainable development theories and the society has to be considered as a fundamental factor in the success of economic projects.

We are capable in recognizing and analyzing the social contexts of economic projects and have undergone important projects in the fields of poverty relief, eliminating deprivation, and reducing the insufficiencies of uneven development.

Our services in the field of economic research are mainly as following:

Designing social and economic systems

Development and regional planning

Preparation planning

Macroeconomic studies

Industrial sector studies

Digital management consulting

With the massive transformation of digital technologies in recent years, a big and interesting market has been created for companies. Being user-centric plays a key role in this emerging economy. Therefore, the organizational structure of the active companies in this ecosystem must be defined and implemented quite differently from the past.

With the extensive knowledge that we possess of new communication environments like smart phones, social media, virtual clouds, and the internet we are a capable consultant in the area of digital business and we will guide business managers towards a bright and stable future using our creative and unique strategies which are devised based on the frameworks and capacities of this field.

Smart phones, social media, and other similar technologies have drastically changed the relations between business and customers. In this digital economy consumers have become extremely powerful and companies have tried to create competitive advantage using new strategies.

To grow in such an environment companies need to not only again experience with these new-coming technologies but they also have to develop their organizational reactions in high levels of commitment in this regard.

The winners in the digital economy will be those who can work in an environment which possess new information and are able to find new approaches in this environment.

Four special technological evolutions that change the structure of digital ecosystems:

Phones: the widespread influence and the transformation of the many capabilities of smart phones.

Social networks: The universality of social media and content creation by users

Cloud: Based on demand, real time access to super computers and unlimited storage.

Internet: The convergence of reality and the virtual world.

It is evident that the mentioned technologies have greatly altered the relations between business and customers. Consumers have gained more advantages through gathering and analyzing information and companies are able to have a great influence on new sources of consumer data.

In order to become a winner in the digital economy companies must realize that now is the time for action and at the same time the risks are high. Managers must be willing to discover new strategies and learn based on experiences and at the same time they should be focused on the following critical matters as well.

Do we possess a dynamic digital strategy that creates value and considers new businesses?

Are we deeply involved in the ways our customers use digital tools?

Do we have a strategic partner in the field of digital technology to meet the demands of the market?

Do our marketing strategies possess the advantages of new technologies to increase and improve our traditional potentials?

Do we fully utilize smart phones and the internet for our strategies to enter the market?

Are we sufficiently equipped to implement our digital strategies?

Is our IT sufficiently compatible with new business models and their changes?

The services provided by the engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of designs in the field of digital business and economy play a crucial role in the success of business in new environments.

Preparing digital business strategies: through utilizing their capability and expertise regarding the preparation of creative commercial strategies, the consulting engineers who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans can help employers create a long term outlook for the digital transformation of their business.

Digital marketing: Marketing is an inseparable element of digital economy. The experts who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans offer their consulting services to business owners in the fields of preparing marketing strategies, determining performance criteria and measures, organizational structure, and pricing.

Implementation: The services offered by the experts who specialize in assessing the feasibility of plans go beyond preparing and developing plans and strategies and aids business owners in educational programs and helps them implement digital organizational structure, complete change management programs, and prepare human resources.

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