About Us

About Us

An active player in the country’s consulting engineering services in the fields of economic, system and management consultancy services, SAT Consulting Engineers began to work almost a decade ago. An industry pioneer SAT is one of the first successful groups operating in the fields of economic consulting and feasibility studies. It is now a recognized figure among the peers.

SAT Consulting owes its prominent market place to the premium quality of its services, professional work ethics, constructive competition, and exchange of knowledge and technology with other industry players. Since the early days, one of the major concerns of SAT Consulting managers and professionals has been the establishment of a productive interaction among the clients, society and suppliers. In other words, SAT members have always tried to look at the projects from a broader perspective and work not just towards the realization of the clients’ needs to their best advantage, but for the benefit of the society and public in general as well.

The most important services of SAT Consulting can be outlined in the three following categories: 

Conscious of its professional role and position among the Consulting Engineering companies active in the fields of economic, system and management services, and working in line with the company’s fundamental perspectives and long term strategy, SAT Consulting recognizes it as its corporate mission to call attention to the necessity of such services by educating the society and building up the required cultural backbone.

During years of active operation, SAT Consulting has always been consistent in its efforts to maintain the dynamic and progressive nature of its activities. To this aim, SAT has strived to offer its services with top quality, utilize the company’s solid scientific resources, upgrade the level of service quality to the world best practice standards, employ a well-known group of experts to achieve enterprise self-sufficiency and provide comprehensive solutions for all kinds of requirements, commit to professional principles, uphold business ethics and exploit the company’s outstanding technical advantages.

SAT Consulting believes that the exchange of knowledge and experience with other colleagues and professionals within it's field of activity can not only improve the service quality and promote the individual and group capabilities, but also can bolster and secure the professional position of the field consultants and experts. To this purpose, SAT consulting has promoted the alliance of local and international companies and enterprises and the cooperation of field consultants and experts. Germany’s Lufthansa Consulting and France’s Cabinet Gressard, the PAD Group and Aryan Toosca are among the most important business alliances of SAT Consulting.

In fact, experienced academics, experts, consultants and personnel are the main backbone of all SAT consulting activities for the accomplishment of the corporate goals of the company. What shapes the core of all professional interactions of SAT Consulting is the employment of diverse fields of expertise such as Economics, Sociology, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental professionals, Architecture and other fields related to the different studies carried out at the company. 

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